Financial help when you need it most

Welfare Grants

It's not easy asking for money, but often that’s a reality that comes hand in hand with the uncertainties of this volatile profession. Our one-off welfare grants are there to help you stem the shortfall when faced with an unforeseen medical, financial or professional event. 

  • I cannot thank Equity Charitable Trust enough. After an accident which left me in the position of possibly being unable to walk, they paid for all my specialised physiotherapy, which enabled me to be mobile. Thank you again, Equity Charitable Trust. I will never forget you.

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  • After a major trauma injury in rehearsals causing a prolonged absence from work I was referred to the Equity Charitable Trust. They were quick, caring and supportive in their correspondence and offered me a generous grant to subsidise the necessary specialist treatment. Without their support I wouldn’t have been able to get the quality or quantity of physical and mental support I needed to get me back to work. With heartfelt thanks, Hal

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  • Equity Charitable trust offered me a lifeline in the form of a grant. Their help made my burden a little bit lighter. Thank you so much!

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  • I am indebted to the Equity Charitable Trust for their financial support, they helped me to move homes, when I was threatened with eviction, at a time when I was unable to work due to ill health.

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  • Following a serious road accident I became chronically disabled and unable to get about. The Trust gave me my independence back by part funding a special particularly hefty motorised wheelchair. They also alerted me to unclaimed benefits from the state and were very helpful.

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How grants are made

We are here to help you look at your situation with a fresh pair of eyes.  Whether you need debt or benefits advice, or help with overcoming an accident or paying a bill, we will do our best to get you back on your feet.

Who is eligible?

Industry professionals who are eligible for an Equity card; please note however that you’re not required to be a current Equity member in order to apply.

Each case is considered on its own merit and is dealt with in complete confidence.


The Trustees convene every two months to consider applications, and you will be notified directly thereafter. In exceptional circumstances, emergency payments can be made between meetings.

Apply Now

Download the Welfare Grants application form.

Send the completed form, professional CV and any supporting documentation (such as medical correspondence, copies of outstanding bills or a doctor's note), via email since we're not accepting post, to

Either Rosalind Ambrose, our Welfare Officer or Kaethe Cherney, the Secretary, will get back to you thereafter.



  • We don’t cover credit card debt
  • We prefer to pay the provider directly when possible