Here to show you the way forward when you think you’ve reached a dead end

Who We Are and Who We Serve

To clarify any misunderstandings concerning the respective roles of Equity, the Trade Union, and the Equity Charitable Trust (ECT), the ECT is a Charity, originally founded by Equity, but separately managed by a Board of Trustees under the Charity Commission's governance rules

The ECT is:

  • An independent grant-making charity that does not undertake nor advocate political activity in favour of, or against any particular group  
  • A charity that provides performance professionals and their dependents with financial support at difficult times, grants for retraining and theatre grants
  • Open to any potential applicants to apply for support on a fully inclusive basis, irrespective of race, religion or any other protected or personal characteristic.  

About Us

Since 1989, the Equity Charitable Trust has provided a myriad of industry professionals with educational grants to retrain, re-qualify and obtain valuable new skill sets for those wanting to leave the profession or develop a second income stream.

In addition to our educational arm, we offer one-off welfare grants to industry members who are experiencing hardship, or who need some friendly debt guidance or a hand with navigating the benefits system.

We deliver occasional career development workshops to help our clients 'up their game' and enhance their skill set so that they can earn more money between acting jobs.

We also help theatres across the country with funding to improve their backstage facilities. Not only is this so important to the overall sustainability of the venue, but it also provides a comfortable and welcoming workplace to actors, including those with access needs.

With our years of experience and collaboration with a strong network of fellow theatrical charities, we are here to show you the way forward when you think you’ve reached a dead end.

Our Patrons

Roger Allam
James Bolam
Michael Cashman
Lesley Manville
Tony Robinson