A professional development award for emerging theatre makers and directors

The John Fernald Award

This Award was set up in 1988 in honour of the late Theatre Director and RADA Principal John Fernald, with the aim of funding or part-funding a maximum of two successful applicants in directing a play or site-specific event. A total of £5K is distributed annually.

Who is eligible?

Theatre makers and directors from the UK or Republic of Ireland with some professional experience in the field.

Professional theatres may also apply on behalf of a director they wish to hire.


The deadline for applications is midnight on 31 March 2023.

Apply Now

The deadline for applications is midnight on 31 March 2023.
If you are applying independently as a theatre maker or director, you will need to submit:
  • A one page personal  statement which must include the answer to the following two questions:
    • Please indicate how the monies would be used to develop your directing skill set
    • Please outline specifically how the monies would be spent, noting that the purpose of the award is to assist the person, not the project
  • A two page outline of the project
  • A preliminary one page budget top sheet
  • Two letters of recommendations from a theatre practitioner or a member of a University or accredited Drama School in support of their application.  Please note that these letters must be sent under separate cover, unseen by the applicant
  • A current CV
  • A signed consent form

If you are a professional theatre who is applying on behalf of a director you wish to hire, you will need to submit:

  • A letter of support from the theatre
  • An outline of the project
  • A contract demonstrating the financial terms and time period of the engagement
  • A personal statement from the director
  • The director’s current CV
  • The Theatre’s most recent company accounts
  • A signed consent form

Please send by email to:

John Fernald Award c/o Equity Charitable Trust




  • If shortlisted, you may be required to travel to London for an interview
  • Preference is given to first time applicants
  • Applicants must have a minimum of two years professional experience as a theatre practitioner, or be a graduate from a University or an accredited Drama School
  • Applications for Fringe or touring shows are also considered