Evelyn Norris Trust – Testimonials

Your intervention, as well providing a break for me, saved me from spiralling further into crisis mode when I had so much on and not many people around me to help take care of it all. It helped me to replenish my strength, take stock, find peace of mind and provided me with space to just be. Even better, I got to see my family and for that, I am so grateful. Thank you!

I approached the Evelyn Norris Trust after a recommendation by the Actors Benevolent Fund, who had been helping me during my first year as a lone parent. The trust very kindly offered to give me a grant in order that I might be able to take my then six year old daughter abroad for a short while. Without their help, I doubt that I could have really afforded it. They have also very generously assisted me again this year. I cannot thank them enough. It is so nice to know that there are still some people out there willing to help when things are difficult.

The Evelyn Norris Trust provided me with the support necessary to take a much-needed break after a difficult year of vocal injury and recovery. The week away helped me rest, recharge and restore; I’m incredibly grateful to have had that time to re-energise as I now prepare to begin a master’s course at music college. My sincere thanks goes to the Evelyn Norris Trust for making my break possible.

With reference to your email and our tel conversation of today I am happy to express once again how help I received from Trust towards my expenses when visiting my family in Croatia, Spain and France last year was of great importance for which I remain grateful.

Especially time spent with my children and grandchildren made a difference bringing invaluable moments we experienced together.

I would also like to thank, in advance, the Trust for offering to help me again towards my next visit to my family sometime in September next is my wish.

The Equity Charitable Trust are fantastic – they have been very supportive, and understanding, and were there for me when I needed financial help, Thanks ever so much.

The Evelyn Norris trust have helped me over the last couple of years with my respite care, I am a full time carer but also I have a full time job backstage in the theatre industry, and sometimes affording the respite for myself can be a struggle.

The Evelyn Norris trust have made sure that I have had the rest and holiday time I deserved, doing there application form was easy and so efficient, me as a person had to open up and give some personal details, but the results have been great. It means that I can afford to bring someone in to care for my father whilst I am away.

Thank you, the charity has really helped me so much and I am very grateful,