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Explore new paths and new opportunities

You may simply want another skill to help you get by when work is scarce. Or you may want a fresh start, away from the profession. If you have a need for retraining or education, we can help to make it happen.

Our Education Bursaries have helped hundreds of performers to complete recognised courses and achieve valuable new qualifications. Grants can cover some or all of the course costs, depending on your circumstances. In some cases, we have simply helped with the purchase of books or essential materials. The key is that help is available and even a small grant can make a big difference.

To be eligible for a grant, you will usually need to show at least 10 years' experience as an adult professional performer. We regret we are unable to help musicians, drama students or amateur performers. Here is a checklist of the things we take into consideration:

If you have any doubts about your eligibility, call us or email us
for further advice.

The process
Here’s how the application process works:

If you are interested in applying, please contact Kaethe Cherney from January onwards. The Trustees usually meet between April – August to allocate the grants.

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"The Trust’s help and advice gives you the confidence to take the crucial step towards a new career..."

Rebecca qualified at the Central School of Drama and then retrained, helped by Equity Charitable Trust. Now, she is back at the Central School, as a voice coach.

"Everyone was so friendly and supportive; I was determined not to let them down!"

Tracy had a successful career in theatre, television and voiceovers. With help from Equity Charitable Trust, she is now a fully qualified counsellor and psychotherapist.
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