Equity Charitable Trust

Who we help
We’re here to help professional actors and other performers when times get hard, or when they want to explore different career paths. We regret we are unable to help musicians, drama students or amateur performers.

How we can help
You can turn to us for help with the costs of retraining for a recognised qualification, or for one-off payments to help with financial emergencies, such as utility bills or urgent home repairs. We consider each case on its merits and try to make any grants proportional to the individual need.

Often, our grants will only contribute to part of the cost involved. But the funds we provide can make the crucial difference between following your new path, and struggling to cope.

We also look after two special trust funds, The John Fernald Award for assistant theatre directors, and The Evelyn Norris Trust, for convalescence and respite breaks for members and ex-members of the concert and theatrical profession.

Help. Hope. Opportunity.
Ours can be a lonely profession. It can be difficult to talk about things when times get hard, or you are considering a change of career.

You can talk to us. Even if we cannot provide funds or direct help, we will try to guide you to organisations that can. > links to other organisations

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