Equity Charitable Trust

Equity Charitable Trust Welfare Grants
Financial help when you need it most

If you are facing a financial emergency, talk to us about a discretionary welfare grant. We can contribute to the cost, or sometimes pay the
whole bill.

Who is eligible?
Equity Charitable Trust Welfare Grants are available to anyone working
as a professional in the field of entertainment, who is eligible for an Equity card. Please note that we are unable to help musicians, drama students
or amateur performers; see the Links page for organisations that can
help you.

How grants are made
You will need to demonstrate genuine financial need. Typically, we help professionals who are unable to work because of ill-health, accident or infirmity. You may also qualify if you are experiencing financial hardship due to an emergency. Our grants can help with anything from utility bills and repairs to the home, to convalescent care and healthcare costs.

Download the Welfare Grants application form here.
Alternatively you could email us at rosalind@equitycharitabletrust.org.uk
Or call us on 020 7831 1926

We take each case on its merits. As part of your application, you will speak to an experienced money adviser who will also help you find other sources of funding, including state benefits. All cases are dealt with in complete confidence.

Our aim is always to help you solve the immediate problem, and to build
a more secure financial future. Note that we usually only make one-off grants; please see the Links page for organisations that can provide help with regular payments.

The process
The Equity Charitable Trust Welfare Committee meets every six weeks. They consider all the applications and a decision is made during the meeting. You will be notified of the decision within five days.

It's not easy asking for money. But we see many people just like you who have experienced the inevitable financial difficulties that our precarious profession can bring. We're here to help, financially and practically. Just call and we'll do everything we can.

Download the Welfare Grants application form here.

Welfare grants are available any time during the year,dependent upon the Trustees meetings. To find our more, please contact: info@equitycharitabletrust.org.uk

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“Following a serious road accident I became chronically disabled and unable to get about. The Trust gave me my independence back by part funding a special particularly hefty motorised wheelchair. They also alerted me to unclaimed benefits from the state and were very helpful.”

“I am a young singer/actress and recently found that I had nodules on my vocal chords. I needed an urgent operation in order to fulfil a contract, due to start in a couple of months. Equity Charitable Trust generously helped fund this as I couldn’t wait for the National Health service and I was able to take the job, which was terrific. Without the Trust’s funding I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to continue my singing career in the foreseeable future. I’d really like to thank them for their support.”

“I cannot thank Equity Charitable Trust enough. After an accident which left me in the position of possibly being unable to walk, they paid for all my specialised physiotherapy, which enabled me to be mobile. Thank you again, Equity Charitable Trust. I will never forget you.”

“I just wanted to write to thank you for our wonderful generosity in helping us with our heating system and financial difficulty. We are both incredibly humbled at your kindness and I can’t tell you how much pressure it has taken off us. We are both full time jobbing actors and as you know it’s incredibly tough and cash flow fluctuate on an extreme level. The ECT has REALLY helped us to breath and sleep a little easier.”