Equity Charitable Trust

This is an independent charity administered by the Equity Charitable
Trust. Evelyn Norris Trust provides grants to help with rest, recovery
and recuperation for performers who are injured, ill, or infirm.

The Trust was set up in 1968, when Mrs Evelyn Norris bequeathed two properties in Littlehampton to be used as a home for members of the concert and theatrical professions.

When these properties became too expensive to maintain, they were
sold and the proceeds were invested. The income derived from these investments now enables the Trust to provide the grants.

If you have recently undergone an operation and require a period in
a convalescent home to aid your recovery then you could apply for
funding for a short stay. Alternatively if you have been suffering from
ill health for some time and would welcome a short break away to recharge your batteries then a grant for this is also something that
the charity will consider.

How to apply
We recommend contacting us for help and advice with the process
before making any application.

Please contact kaethe@equitycharitabletrust.org.uk or call us on
020 7831 1926 for full details of eligibility and the application process.

Alternatively, you can download the form here.

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