Equity Charitable Trust

The John Fernald Award
Exciting opportunities for trainee assistant theatre directors

The John Fernald Award is a separate fund administered by Equity Charitable Trust. It was set up in 1988 from the estate of the late John Fernald, Theatre Director and former Principal of The Royal Academy
of Dramatic Art. The aim of the award is to help new Assistant Theatre Directors to gain valuable experience in a professional theatre.

The award is made to professional theatres, who apply on behalf of
the trainee Assistant Theatre Directors they wish to employ. Grants are
made as a contribution to the cost of the training that will be provided.
The theatre will need to show that it has the budget to ensure the trainee
can complete the course.

How to apply
A total of 5,000 is distributed each year and applications
are considered once a year, usually in March.

Each application must include a statement from the trainee,
as well as a CV detailing their experience.

We recommend contacting us for help and advice with the
process before making any application. For more information call us
or email kaethe@equitycharitabletrust.org.uk

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