Equity Charitable Trust

Equity Charitable Trust
Help. Hope. Opportunity.

Equity Charitable Trust was established in 1989. It was set up by
Equity, the trade union for actors and performers, but is an entirely independent organisation.

Our purpose is to help actors and performers who are in financial difficulties, or who need help with the cost of education or retraining.

Each year, our committee of trustees meets to consider applications
for grants. Our trustees include distinguished actors and theatre professionals, as well as people with experience of business, finance
and the law.

Many people from within the profession, including concert performers, walk-ons, TV celebrities and experienced West End actors, have benefited from funds provided by Equity Charitable Trust. Our grants are used to help with anything from a utility bill, to the cost of a full-time degree course. We treat each case on its individual merits and in absolute confidence.

Asking for help can be very difficult. We are proud that so many of the people who come to us have achieved remarkable new success in their personal and professional lives.

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